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I was a kidnapped from a hospital in another state and raised by criminals lied about my identity and who I was and severely abused me to the point the doctor declared I was permanently and totally disabled. That and the subsequent abuse is enough to make a person feel defeated for life because they were never raised by their biofamily, that their biofamily and they were harmed beyond all measure, and the abuse from the liars trying to place a false program of identity is down right brainwashing.

Even though Satan had done all of this, God has the final say. God knew this was going to happen before it actually did. God was there and at critical points he helped me escaped my captors.

God lead me to the detective agency and the man who were able to uncover my true identity. God delivered me away from all the liars & abusers who were brainwashing me to be someone I was not. Now I am free. I am conscious who I really am.

I look forward to the day I will come face to face my real biological family. God delivered me and he is set in motion a plan to help me complete my mission.

God is glorious! Praise God for his deliverance! Praise God for my escape! Praise God for my life to tell my story! Praise the next seven generations of my offspring who will tell my story and how our biofamily came to be. This is my vision of my White Turtle Rainbow Movement. The escape from darkness to light thanks to the power and glory of God! Never give up Hope!

Today I found freedom and love in Omaha, NE. I fell in love and spiritually married my beloved husband Brandon Henry Humphrey who is a fellow artist and who set my heart free. He helped me to let go of my past and start a new future with him in Omaha, NE. We together are joining forces as artist so that we can together purchase our first home. We are purchasing our White Turtle Rainbow Art Studio and Home. Our goal is $3,800 for the down payment and the closing costs to launch our creative careers and so that Brandon can live in his childhood home and that I can finally have a real home for the first time!

My Indian name is Wabun Anung and in Ojibwe it means Morning Star. I was told I was the light shining in the darkness a sign of HOPE and the coming of the NEW DAWN and NEW EARTH! Chi Miigwetch (Thank you very much in Ojibwe) Gitchi Manitou (God in Ojibwe).

Wenona Lee Gardner

Wabun Anung
White Turtle Rainbow


In April for Camp NaNoWriMo I am writing an e-book about the White Turtle Rainbow Movement I founded. I am a Medicine Woman of 24 years and a Rainbow Warrior Artist who is Scottish & Ojibwe. My Medicine Woman Mother blessed me by interpreting my vision by declaring me a Rainbow Warrior according to a Native American Rainbow Warrior Prophecy. I expanded on that to honor Great Creator by using my artistic gifts to thank Great Creator. So,  I refer to myself as a Rainbow Warrior Artist. 

I founded the WHITE TURTLE RAINBOW MOVEMENT which is a transformative art movement based on Native American and Jesus Christ of Nazareth spirituality and prophecy. I work with God’s Angels and the Native American Guardians. Today, I pulled this card Clairsentience. I feel from my body this beautiful unique movement born of the principles of Jesus and of the Ojibwe 7th and 8th Fire Prophecies coming together through my very being. My Indian name is Wabun Anung is Morning Star which in the Bible is the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth which I interpret my name meaning that Jesus Christ of Nazareth walks with me on the Red and Rainbow path. I wield the blessings of both the power and strength of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Wisdom of the Native American wisdom.

I listen to soaking music by the Julie True station on Pandora radio http://www.pandora.com/station/play/2149122621327121406 and I listen to the music of ceremonial drums and Native American flute. I have built my life upon drawing from the strengths of the Native American spiritual path and of Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s journey himself. Using Clairsentience I feel blessed to walk in two worlds and to unify it through my Being so that I can be a Bridge Builder for other diverse people.

I wondered for the longest time why certain things happened in my life and why was I on the path I was, but today I woke up feeling glorious that the harmony that exists in my Beingness is the song of the Red Nation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in unison. 

I am blessed by my unique path. I want to share my experiences of an Artist’s Way Circle Facilitator for 18 years and how I infused my Native American and Jesus Christ of Nazareth spirituality and prophecy together to help create a sacred space online.

White Turtle Rainbow White Turtle Rainbow - Rainbow Warrior Artist

The Healing Power of $5

Greetings friends and supporters,

In this day and age there are times we stand on the sidelines watching the world go by. Then there are times we are so moved that we can no longer sit idle by and we must rise to the occasion. That occasion is now. I have been the Keeper of a God given dream for 41 years of being a Self Employed Artist full time so that I can attain financial self sufficiency and get off of being dependent of disability. I am asking you to stand with me now by donating $5 to show me that living my God given dreams are worthwhile and valuable.

My Indian name is Wabun Anung which in Ojibwe means Morning Star that I am the light shining in the darkness a sign of HOPE and the coming of a NEW DAWN. I am the Keeper of Native American culture and tradition and my vision is to share this Native American wisdom in the form of digital storytelling videos. I want the world to hear what it is that makes Native American wisdom so important to the survival of this world as outlined in the 8th Fire Prophecy of the Ojibwe that shows us there are two paths we can choose from. One the path of self destruction or the path of love, peace, and harmony lead by the Native American Wisdom Keepers.

The World needs to hear the voice of the Native American Wisdom Keepers. The world needs to hear the precious notes that only Native American people possess that complete the symphony of life. Native American Elders and Medicine People have spoken over me in ceremony about my unique path in life. I do not want to let them down. I do not want to let my tribe down, but instead I want to honor them in their wisdom and teachings that they blessed me with. I want to honor the Native American cultural teachers with the WE Indians program especially the late Menominee/Potawatomi Scharlene Wheelock my Native American Cultural Teacher who taught me about my tribal origins and believed so strongly in the power of Native American Science that she launched the Native American Science Fair for which I participated for 10 years. I want to honor WE Indians program Native American counselor Potawatomi Alfreda Young who always made sure I had paper and pencils for school and she made me laugh. I want to honor WE Indian program Native American Counselor Lakota John Clifford who paid for my opportunity to go to the Multicultural Workshop at UW-Milwaukee opening the doors to Native American traditions.  I want to honor my Medicine Woman and Pipe Carrier Mother Hail Eagle Woman who named me Morning Star and opened the door to Native American ceremony and traditions when we ran ceremony together in our dining room floor. I want to honor Potawatomi Earl Meshiguad who named me in the Ojibwe language at my naming ceremony and gave me my first Eagle Feather. I want to honor Chief John Konkapot my ancestor who went to serve as Captain in George Washington’s Army during the American Revolutionary War because Chief Konkapot believed in the beauty of the dream of America. I want to honor Chief Bob Red Hawk who was my reference when I was accepted in the top 60 across the country for the Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages in Washington DC where I held 100 year old handwritten papers with Mohican language on them.  I want to honor Wynadot Artist Richard Zane Smith who empowered me to share my survivor story as a Native American Sexual Abuse Survivor in short story, poetry, and artwork as well as empowered me to encourage the sharing of other recovery stories of other Native American Sexual Abuse Survivors through his project Exposed to Light.

$5 is a very small price to pay to turn back the damage caused by Genocide and Intergenerational Trauma of Native American people. For just $5 I can present to you the positive healing of my Native American people that the world needs to hear now more than ever. It is an opportunity to right a very serious wrong that still exists in the American consciousness. $5 says I believe that Native American people have value and worth and deserve to live and be active members of American society. $5 says I believe that Native American people deserve a chance to be heard and take their rightful place on this land Native American people call Turtle Island. $5 says I cherish Native American people and want to promote their long term survival. $5 says I believe in you Wenona Lee Gardner, that you have walked a hard path and that doctors have told you that you are permanently and totally disabled, but instead you listen to the word of God who says to you it’s time to stand up and let your voice be heard in this world. That Wenona Lee Gardner we need your voice of healing, love, and forgiveness to truly mend the broken hoop and broken hearts of American people. Wenona Lee Gardner we acknowledge you are a Medicine Woman and that your Medicine Woman Mother honors you as the Rainbow Warrior Artist, and Artist that brings healing, social change, and awareness using your God given spiritual gifts to make a greater distance of so many lives. With my $5 Wenona I am siding with God who spoke to you to rise Morning Star and take your rightful place in the universe.

Thank you in Advance,

Wenona Lee Gardner

Wabun Anung

White Turtle Rainbow



New Beginnings Singers 005 Morning_Star

Aquai and Boozhoo

Aquai & Boozhoo, I walked the Medicine Path of Medicine Woman for 24 years. I lead the Artist’s Way Circle for 18 years empowering artists to find their voice, hopes, and dreams. I have years of service work in various capacities giving back to the community is very important to me. As a Rainbow Warrior Artist I tap into the Native American prophecy of the Rainbow Warrior and the 7th and 8th Fire Prophecies of the Ojibwe using my artwork in particular videos to digitally tell stories. I am a digital storyteller and my videos are my way to tell these Native American infused stories that most people have yet to hear. Creater made me fair skinned but he made my heart and soul Native American for a reason. Above all I serve Great Creator, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Divine Holy Mother, and Celestia. I am spiritual and live each day to the fullest. I look forward to sharing my unique perspective and Native American wisdom imparted upon me. I chose the path of love, peace, and understanding. Let’s walk in beauty.


Dear friends and supporters,

After 19 years of dying on disability I have finally mustered the strength to stand up and live my dreams by declaring myself a Self Employed Artist. I love the reference of Rainbow Warrior Artist because I base my spirituality on the Native American Rainbow Warrior Prophecy where my Mohican Mother Wambli Wasu Winyan Hail Eagle Woman declared after interpreting my White Turtle Rainbow vision that I indeed that I am a Rainbow Warrior. She described me as a bridge builder among diverse people. I also woven in the fact that I am a artistic and wove that into the Rainbow Warrior status my mother blessed me with.

After serving 18 years as an Artist’s Way Circle Facilitator I came to realize the power of shifting  my focus on my artistic hopes and dreams. I wanted to lead others in recovery by walking my talk and after years of careful planning and preparation I stood up and declared myself a Video Artist. I love digital storytelling and sharing my original music, thumbnails, artwork, and cosplay inside my videos.

On February 5, 2015 I declared to Social Security that I am a self employed artist. I felt such a rush of empowerment and I felt that my journey since I obtained my BA Business in 1995 and I studied in Fine Arts between 1997-99, and started taking classes in MBA in 2014 all together would give me a solid foundation in my pursuits of creative expression.

I am enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Nation and Ojibwe and that I am blessed with rich experiences among the native community. My worldview is based on native values and belief and you can hear that when I create my stories in my videos.

Thank you in advance for sharing my link and for donating!

Thank you for blessings unforseen,

White Turtle Rainbow

Wenona Lee Gardner (Mohican/Ojibwe)

Dear Great Creator

Dear Great Creator,

I walked down the street to my house a few days ago and I inadvertently walked into a drug dealer dealing drugs with 2 big male customers yelling at me not to call the cops! They all saw where I live! I started to feverishly pray as I walked that is when I saw Jesus & an Angel! Jesus turned to me and he said “I am with you.”

Caught in another drug war. I grew up as a child with my single mother and the oldest of her six children. She had a drug dealing gang member for her boyfriend and I had to live with all it’s terrors. He brought guns to the house around us kids. He exposed himself to me. He stole my father’s child support so we went without food and warm winter coats. He screamed while drunk at my mother and threw a punch that nearly grazed her face and smashed a whopping hole into the wall. The worst side was of this man was when his very own daughter she had gotten shot in the head by a drive by shooting from an opposing gang while another sister of mine watched. I remember rushing to the hospital because she said that she wouldn’t make it. I remember waiting in the waiting room of the hospital and looking at the Ellen on her ABC show that had the very first lesbian kiss on prime time that made such news back then and remembering how surreal everything was. My sister was in the ICU with her skull open because the surgeons had to remove the bullet and the shards of skull embedded in her brain. My baby sister might die tonight and to my shock and horror and dismay all her very own father cared about was getting revenge against the opposing gang. My little sister is fighting for her life maybe death awaits her or a life of permanent disability and she was only 16 years old! And that man who terrorized my life and my entire family had the audacity to run out of the hospital because he cared more about revenge then to ever see his daughter alive again!
Which lead to my mother down the road with one of my sisters taking a walk down the street near our house Christmas Eve. That same opposing gang overpowered my mother to the ground and my sister when one of the gang members picked up a concrete block and smashed it on my mother’s head! Again, a call in the night that another family member is on the operating table fighting for their life with massive head trauma. But this time I don’t go because I got wind that my family was being targeted by the opposing gang who was watching who was coming and going from the hospital. I was a foster mother to my little brother then and I refused to put him in harm’s way and we prayed all through the night together for a miracle from my house instead.

My mother and sister both survived their gang war wounds, but at what cost? They are each permanently and totally disabled! My mother has gotten so bad mentally that she is homeless either hiding in abandoned buildings with no electricity or heat in the ghetto or she is laying in parks at risk for rapists, thieves, and murderers because she believes that homeless shelters are pools of violence and danger

I just moved to my neighborhood here. To have my path cross a drug deal right on my street just three houses from my house triggered my past memories of being a victim of gang warfare and drug dealers. I cried so bad so hard. I prayed and talked to my significant other about moving. However, I woke up today and I wanted to stay. I was going to do what I can. (I just heard Thunder when I was typing this at this exact moment!) I asked for God’s blessing to turn my home a safe house for local women and children. We have a large number of minorities here including Native Americans concentrated on this side of town. I wanted to start by making out cards with my business card to introduce myself and my family that I just arrived.I wanted my husband and I to take time to observe the neighborhood through more walks or simply sitting on the porch talking to each other as we take baby steps for the first unofficial neighborhood watch. I wanted to invite the local Native American women by posting a sign at the local native clinic inviting them to my home for a beading work circle. I want to create an 12 step meeting at my house so family and friends get support and a cup of coffee since the local office said there was no such meeting in my side of town.
I believe God brought me here for a reason not to hide in my house or run, but to take a prayerful stand. To be a blessings to others. Believing that God is more powerful than gang wars and drug dealers. Holding tight to Jeremiah 29:11.

Today I realized a life dream and I became a Champion of Hope!

Chi Miigwetch (Thank you very much in Ojibwe)
Winona McMasters Humphrey

Omaha YouTube Partners: New Meetup Group @YouTube http://ow.ly/D07bT

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