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Mohican Veterans Pow Wow, Wisconsin Aug 10-11, 2013


I was very blessed to be able to make a ride with my Aunt Veteran Jo Ann Schedler to my Mohican Veterans Pow Wow. Earlier before we went I made my Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages Presentation at the Arvid E. Miller Library and Museum with the Library Specialist Yvette who I am told is excited to go through all the materials I donated to the tribe. I was also able to make an additional presentation at the Mohican Pow Wow for Chief Robert Red Hawk Ruth of the Pennsylvania Lenape who was my reference in Breath of Life. I danced yes! I am grateful for the anonymous donor who paid for the King Size bed and Jacuzzi at Konkapot Lodge. I felt like I was resting in style. I loved the Indian Fry Bread tacos and the Burger King Whopper provided by my Aunt. I feel truly blessed! What a miracle! 

I accomplished my second goal for my New Year’s Resolution which is to dance at the Mohican Veterans Pow Wow. Third goal for my New Year’s Resolution is to dance at the Indian Summer Pow Wow. 




Chief Robert Red Hawk Ruth of the Pennsylvania Lenape and Wenona Morning Star Gardner of the Mohican nation.




Bill Janson



Wenona Morning Star Gardner of the Mohican nation.


Four Crow Prophecy

Four Crow Prophecy

Let’s begin this in a good way with a prayer asking for the Creator, Ancestors, and The Four Winds to come and help us.

Tunkasila Wankatanka Tunkasila
Mishomis Nikomis
Wabun Anung

Migwetch Migisse.
Migwetch Shandosay
Migwetch Migaw
Migwetch Keya

Mitakuye Oyasin

I am writing this because my name Morning Star was called to come to Idle No More in Madison about the Bad River mining. I was not sure what my purpose was since I am not filled with lots of scientific data on subject. But I know this…I know how to pray. And if my mere presence, prayers, and light is needed I will do my best to answer this call.

Recently, I have learned about the Four Crow Prophecy of the Lenape from Chief Robert Red Hawk Ruth of the Pennsylvannia Lenape Nation.which is family to my tribe the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohicans Nation. What I have come to see that is most important of this prophecy is that We the indigenous people of Turtle Island are the CARETAKERS of Mother Earth. It is our Creator granted responsibility which is a sacred trust and the treaties that outline this must be protected. We stand up because Creator called us. We must heed this call.

Neweneit Na Ahas
The Prophecy of the Fourth Crow

As told by Robert Red Hawk Ruth
Translated by Shelley DePaul

Lomewe, luwe na okwes xu laxakwihele xkwithakamika.
Long ago it was said that a fox will be loosened on the earth.

Ok nen luwe newa ahasak xu peyok.
Also it was said four crows will come.

Netami ahas kenthu li guttitehewagan wichi Kishelemukonk.
The first crow flew the way of harmony with Creator.

Nisheneit ahas kwechi pilito entalelemukonk, shek palsu ok ankela.
The second crow tried to clean the world, but he became sick and he died.

Nexeneit ahas weneyoo ankelek xansa ok koshiphuwe.
The third crow saw his dead brother and he hid.

Neweneit ahas kenthu li guttitehewagan lapi wichi Kishelemukonk.
The fourth crow flew the way of harmony again with Creator.

Kenahkihechik xu withatuwak xkwithakamika.
Caretakers they will live together on the earth

We have chosen to tell the story of the Lenape in Pennsylvania through “The Prophecy of the Fourth Crow,” an ancient story passed down among the Lenape for generations. This story relates the ways in which Lenape people have struggled to survive and to keep their community and culture intact. Chief Red Hawk summarizes the current interpretation of the Prophecy in the following way:
“We now know that the First Crow was the Lenape before the coming of the Europeans. The Second Crow symbolized the death and destruction of our culture. The Third Crow was our people going underground and hiding. The Fourth Crow was the Lenape becoming caretakers again and working with everybody to restore this land.”


Wenona Morning Star Gardner



It has begun…

So as I mentioned before I was blessed by the meeting of Chief Robert Red Hawk Ruth of the Pennslyvannia Lenape Nation and his wife Lynn. And I felt like that was the catalyst that had changed my whole life. See I have been trying to meet this man since for the last 10 years since we have been conversing in Artist’s Way Circle, Lenape Family History, and Mohican-7 online. But Creator was waiting for a key moment in time. Not just any day. The most momentous of days the Idle No More Peace March in Milwaukee, WI in January 18, 2013. THAT was the day I was told the eighth fire has been lit and to lead. It was then I realized the Mohican-7 circle has now evolved to Mohican-8 to honor the 8th prophecy of the seven generation prophecies. It is time to take the knowledge of that prophecy and apply it and live it. It’s time to live the path of peace, harmony, and love with all the four nations.

Back when I was 16 a medicine woman by the name Hail Eagle Woman of the Mohican, Oneida, Brothertown, and Santee Sioux nations told me I had a vision. I told her before my eyes. I saw a black sky and appeared from the darkness a brilliant white turtle. Slowly descending from the east descended the arc of a brightly colored rainbow. The viewpoint changed and I was now looking above the turtle and the rainbow turned into wings. This rainbow winged turtle rose and began to fly fast across the lands, I could see lakes, rivers, and trees below. Then the white rainbow turtle landed and began to happily dance in a circle. As the white turtle turned the turtle turned into a white shawled woman with a turtle design on her back. When she turned around I saw the woman was me. The White Turtle with Rainbow wings was me. Hail Eagle Woman told me that I was a Rainbow Warrior that I was a bridge builder bringing together all nations. She taught me the seven generations prophecy including the eighth fire that was to be lit. She gave me the Indian name Wabun Anung Morning Star and I was to lead with my light reaching out to the other nations with the native wisdom that I learned.

I have been waiting for the eighth fire. When I was at the Peace March the speaker was talking about the Idle No More movement in Madison and the Bad River mining. He called out for the Morning Star to come to Madison with her light. I heard this and so was witnessed by Rainbow Turtle and Chief Robert Red Hawk Ruth and said Buffy that was a sign they are calling you. So That day I have been called and I must apply the wisdom of the eighth fire now that is lit and lead the way I was told to by Hail Eagle Woman.

1) So my first goal is to evolve Mohican-8 which is the application of the 8th fire prophecy.

2) Next is to find a ride to get to Madison for the Idle No More Movement to find out how I can serve as I was called and it was witnessed by others as a sign.

3) Then I have launched the Two Step project which encompasses telling my healing journey in video http://www.youtube.com/user/azurebreezes in oral tradition and written word on my blog. https://azurebreeze.wordpress.com/

4) But most importantly is helping the elders, chiefs, medicine people, healers, and community members to come forward and tell their story. The world is waiting for us to come and step forward. It ties very much into the Four Crow Prophecy of the Lenape people that Chief Robert Red Hawk Ruth has shared with me. http://www.penn.museum/sites/fap/prophecy.shtml

The time is now. We need to come out of hiding and become active participants in the world. The rest of the world has yet to fully hear the all of the wisdom of the red nation. We have been hidden, underground, and silent for too long. We need to find our voice and use that voice for the betterment of humanity. We are the missing note of the song of life.

Idle No More Peace March in Milwaukee, WI January 18, 2013

Today I went to a Peace March in Milwaukee, WI for a deeply spiritual and powerful movement for protecting tribal sovereignty and the environment. Here are the pictures of my day.


Chief Robert Red Hawk Ruth of Pennsylvania Lenape Nation carrying the Four Crow Prophecy Drum with Wenona “Buffy” Gardner, Wabun anung (Morning Star) of the Stockbridge Munsee band of Mohicans tribe of Wisconsin. At Grand Ave Mall in Milwaukee Wisconsin for the Idle No More Peace Rally.


The beginning of the Idle No More Peace March starting at Grand Ave Mall in Milwaukee, WI


Wenona “Buffy” Gardner, Wabun anung (Morning Star) of the Stockbridge Munsee band of Mohicans tribe of Wisconsin. with Alfreda Young former WE Indians Counselor of the Potawatomi tribe. At Grand Ave Mall in Milwaukee for the Idle No More Peace Rally


The beginning of the Idle No More Peace March starting at Grand Ave Mall.


The beginning of the Idle No More Peace March starting at Grand Ave Mall in Milwaukee, WI. IdleNoMore Organizer Dona Yahola of the Bad River Ojibwe.


Idle No More Peace March at Veterans Park Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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