Native American from the Mohican tribe. Writer, Peer Specialist, YouTube Partner.

If you are Native American I would not recommend you go here. or

Three owners claim to be Native American yet they outright ban talk about being Native American. They claim to do this to stop cultural appropriation. Reality is that banning talking about being Native American is actually a form of racism. Yes it is possible to discriminate against your own kind. Censoring and banning talk about being Native American only causes public shaming for Native American Witches to be open and out in the public forcing them to hide in shadows. Witches talking about their Native American culture is very important part of who they are and to the world. A Native American talking about their own Native American experiences is not cultural appropriation.
Medicine Woman Hail Eagle Woman from my tribe shared about Native American religion openly and with other cultures. Her Native American religion teachings were not closed. We need more Native American teachers to teach Native American culture to curb cultural appropriation. Banning talk about Native American culture only bans Native American Witches which is wrong. There are groups of Native American Witches that freely talk about their real life Native American experiences. I would like to see more Native American Witches proudly say who they are out in the open and openly talk about their real Native American experiences.
So again don’t go here if you are a Native American Witch. The three Witches who are so called Native American will ban you for mentioning your tribe, your Native American heritage, your Native American cultural experiences, or any Native American issues.


I saw that author Robin Griggs stole my artwork “Woman Praying” from this blog that had my name and copyright symbol on it and put it on the cover of her book Broken:2B or Not 2B That is the,  Robin used my artwork without my prior permission or monetary compensation. She also cropped out removing my name and my copyright symbol on my artwork when she published her book. How can I fight this?

​This is so wrong. This is copyright infringement!

Week 5 Artist’s Way Check In. What an overwhelming week! I saw that my artwork “Woman Praying” was stolen by an author Robin Griggs and used on her book Broken:2B or Not 2B That is The? as well as t-shirts, banners, posters, website, and social media. Robin did not receive my permission to use my artwork and I did not receive any monetary compensation. I received an enormous amount of support from my friends and other artists and writers. Lots of helpful suggestions on how and where to file copyright infringement reports. The majority were outraged that happened to me and many recommended into finding a lawyer. Which I am looking into. I so far filled copyright infringement reports with Amazon, Facebook, and the webhost Squarespace. Amazon said they received my report and will get back to me in two days. Facebook responded and agreed Robin violated my intellectual property rights and since Robin’s Facebook Page Broken has been removed. Thank you so much for everybody who helped me and agreed my intellectual property rights were violated. Thank you for every post that gave me resources and direction on what to do. Thank you for everybody’s encouragement and support. I felt so powerless in the beginning but all you have empowered me to stand up for myself. Thank you all who encourage me as an artist.
I am writing a memoir “Mohican Forever!” and I created a Mohican Forever! Facebook group to create a community to support my creative journey creating this book. Topics to explore is Native American culture, Mohican tribe, mental health, art, music, movies, plus more. To join
My Morning Pages are always inspiring. My Artist’s Dates were watching YouTube videos from YouTube stars.

Still working on writing my writer’s business plan. I have been researching business articles and webinars. I haven’t made as much progress as I like because of the whole protecting my artwork that has been going on.

NaNoWriMo Rebel

​I am writing my memoir “Mohican Forever!” as NaNoWriMo Rebel. This is my recovery story as a modern Mohican woman. A NaNoWriMo Rebel is someone who writes something other than a novel during the National Novel Writing Month. Who else is going to be a NaNoWriMo Rebel with me? I am looking for other NaNoWriMo writing buddies. My NaNoWriMo username is azurebreeze.

I am also fundraising for NaNoWriMo this year to support the creativity promoted by this nonprofit. Donate to NaNoWriMo Fundraiser

Artist’s Way Week 3 Check In

This is the completion of the third week of The Artist’s Way. I have been researching memoirs for my business plan. I have been trying to find the annual sales for memoirs in 2016. I have been talking to three Life Coaches about my business plan and I have been getting conflicting messages. I had a Life Coach say that I can’t make money on books and only celebrities make money on memoirs. Then he didn’t schedule another Life Coach session. I felt kicked in the teeth. I had another coach cancel our meeting because of the Hurricane. I had another Life Coach say I can make money on memoir and books if I face the trauma that is bringing people who say I can’t. Right now because of the mixed signals I am confused as to what products I should be focusing on. I bought a book on how to publish a nonfiction. I still have a book on money by Julia Cameron and another book on publishing to read. I joined a group for social media and business. Because of the delays I have rescheduled my due date for Oct 31, 2017 Halloween.
I have decided that I am going to setup a weekly schedule on Mondays to upload my videos. I was also thinking of also writing a blog on the same topic also on Monday.
I have been writing in my Morning Pages and it has become a great source of comfort to me.I have been feeling stressed with everything that I have been going through I am making progress but there is just so much to do. My to do list is very long.
My Artist’s Date I watched vloggers on YouTube. I watched John and Hank Green from Vlogbrothers, Tyler Oakley who celebrated 10 years on YouTube, live shows by Michael Buckley & Angela Belcamino, Michelle Phan, Phil DeFranco, and Shane Dawson. These YouTubers are really successful. I look up to them as rolemodels. I studied some of their life’s stories. They are the reason I am so proud to be part of the YouTube community. I have been a YouTuber for 11 years.

Week 2 Artist’s Way Check In

Today is Week 2 Check In with The Artist’s Way. I have been working hard on my business plan. I attended four online business meetings. I joined the group Women Who Rock Business run by Sage Lavine. I was blessed with a free copy of Sage Lavine’s book “Women Who Rock Business” worth $33. I was reading over the bonus materials that came with the book. You can join Sage Lavine’s group Women Who Rock Business Sister at
I was going to write a memoir. But then Sage Lavine said you can’t make money on memoir. That the real money is in how to books. But I don’t know how to write a how to books. Now I don’t know what to write. I am trying to come up with products for my business.
I made a Skype call to MrMalhtora on advice on how to set up a schedule for my YouTube channel. MrMalhtora and Michael Buckley co-authored a book “How To Become a YouTuber” which I purchased and gave five stars on Amazon. I signed up for the free trial at their How To Be a YouTuber website. Today I have a call with Michael Buckley to talk about my YouTube channel and my business plan. Michael Buckley is a famous YouTuber and a Life Coach.
I wrote in my Morning Pages today about the quality of my relationships. I reviewed my encounters with people since I moved to Milwaukee, WI. I realized how important relationships are to me. I am brainstorming ways to improve the quality of my relationships.
My Artist’s Date I read the book Money Drunk Money Sober by Julia Cameron. I have a lot of blocks around money. I grew up in poverty. My mom was on welfare. I grew up in foster care. I spent 21 years on disability. I don’t know how to make money. 
Week 2 of The Artist’s Way is Recovering a Sense of Identity. I have spent over two decades on disability that I struggle with what is my Life Purpose. I took an online course on Life Purpose. I am trying to define my Life Purpose as a Writer, Peer Specialist, and YouTube Partner.

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