Native American from the Mohican tribe. Writer, Peer Specialist, YouTube Partner.

My Big Vision

Big Vision

So it’s Day 3 of my 12 week Artist’s Way journey. I decided this September I am focusing on writing a business plan to be a self employed writer. I am using the book by Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee. The first task she has us set out to do is creating a collage of our company’s Big Vision. I decided I would create a digital collage that I pinned to my secret Pinterest board.

When I look at my Big Vision collage I see that my Native American culture of the Mohican tribe is very important to me. Despite James Fennimore Cooper’s fictional book The Last of the Mohicans, my Mohican tribe did not die from extinction like so many people falsely assume. There are over 1,500 Mohican tribal members enrolled in Wisconsin. It is my belief to counter the lies of Mohican extinction of Last of Mohicans, that the world needs to hear more stories written by Mohicans. That is why I place such great value on writing my story, my memoir Mohican Forever! Cause we are still here and I dream that the Mohican people will survive for at least the next seven generations in the future.


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