Native American from the Mohican tribe. Writer, Peer Specialist, YouTube Partner.

Pokémon Go!

by Wenona Gardner

What is with this

worldwide phenomenon

that is sweeping the globe

and social media.

Everywhere I turn is Pokémon Go.

I tried it but my regular cell phone

can’t download the app.

I have been restricted to playing

the game in my apartment using

incense and lucky eggs to attract Pokémon .

I am right now level 5, but I know someone

who is level 17 and rocking the game

during his food delivery job.

I am in the red team.

I enjoy that you can take pictures

of the Pokémon you find like a

wild Eviee just appeared in my bedroom.

I enjoyed catching her.

I remember Pokémon when it first came out

but I never imagined that one could go

out into the real world and catch Pokémon.

The powerful computers in our cell phones.



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