Native American from the Mohican tribe. Writer, Peer Specialist, YouTube Partner.

Buffy Frame Park

White Turtle Rainbow is the name I embraced after I had a vision of a White Turtle escaping darkness flying with rainbows.  I was adopted and it wasn’t til I was 23 that I discovered I am actually Scottish and Ojibwe Indian. I am interested in learning more about the Celtic ways especially Scottish. I feel the great need to connect with the missing pieces of my life. I have been spending the last year studying it in the form of Scottish and Celtic spirituality. I ask the Great Creator, Goddess, Universe, Guardians, and my Ancestors to please help guide my steps.

Ironically, when I was growing up I would despise how adopted parents would lie about the truth about their heritage of their adopted children way before I even realized I was adopted. I hate the lies being told I have a certain set of parents when I don’t and being told I am a certain racial and Native American tribal heritage when in reality I am actually something completely different. All this time I studied the adopted family’s genealogy and it really had nothing to do with me at all. I have felt great bitterness over this precious lost of time and blatant lies. I realized why I never fit in that adopted family because I was never part of it to begin with. So chasing after their ancestors did give me skills to do discover the genealogy skills, but I have all this language and genealogy of people that are not mine.

Ironically though, I believed in the Ojibwe prophecy of the Seven Generations to look back at the last seven generations to better able to discover how better to help the next Seven Generations. What I learned was how damaging those lies were to me. Ironically, before I even knew I was Ojibwe I received an Ojibwe name and I studied and followed Ojibwe prophecy. Part of me seemed to know unconsciously.

Wenona Native American flute

If you are Scottish or Ojibwe I am hoping to connect with you to find my place in this world. My Celtic name is Gealach Carthanas which means Charity Moon.  My name is also Wabun Anung and it means Morning Star in Ojibwe. I hope to become aligned with my proper tribes and my proper circle of family.

Chi Miigwetch (Thank you very much in Ojibwe)

Wenona Gardner


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