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Life Story Google+ Hangout Live Broadcast


Life Story Google+ Hangout Live Broadcast
Saturday, August 31, 2013
4:00 PM CDT

Where:  http://gplus.to/azurebreezes


Event Details:

TWIST! Change it up

TWIST! Change it up. This totally inspires me when I am working on telling my story.

TONIGHT Artist’s Way Journey Google + Hangout Live Broadcast


Artist’s Way Journey Google + Hangout Live Broadcast

Sun August 18, 2013 at 7pm CDT


Wenona Morning Star Gardner recaps the last four years of her journey on YouTube as an Artist and Artist’s Way Facilitator and talks about her future plans. Feel free to leave comments and questions that Wenona can incorporate into her live Broadcast.

Mohican Veterans Pow Wow, Wisconsin Aug 10-11, 2013


I was very blessed to be able to make a ride with my Aunt Veteran Jo Ann Schedler to my Mohican Veterans Pow Wow. Earlier before we went I made my Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages Presentation at the Arvid E. Miller Library and Museum with the Library Specialist Yvette who I am told is excited to go through all the materials I donated to the tribe. I was also able to make an additional presentation at the Mohican Pow Wow for Chief Robert Red Hawk Ruth of the Pennsylvania Lenape who was my reference in Breath of Life. I danced yes! I am grateful for the anonymous donor who paid for the King Size bed and Jacuzzi at Konkapot Lodge. I felt like I was resting in style. I loved the Indian Fry Bread tacos and the Burger King Whopper provided by my Aunt. I feel truly blessed! What a miracle! 

I accomplished my second goal for my New Year’s Resolution which is to dance at the Mohican Veterans Pow Wow. Third goal for my New Year’s Resolution is to dance at the Indian Summer Pow Wow. 




Chief Robert Red Hawk Ruth of the Pennsylvania Lenape and Wenona Morning Star Gardner of the Mohican nation.




Bill Janson



Wenona Morning Star Gardner of the Mohican nation.

My Intergenerational Trauma Presentation in Waukesha, WI

My Intergenerational Trauma presentation went great today! I want to express great gratitude to each and everyone of the 40 people who came and participated in my Intergenerational Trauma presentation. I sang and drummed, introduced myself to the circle and the agenda, showed the Wellbriety Movement Journey of Forgiveness DVD which can be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZwF9NnQbWM and ran a Talking Circle. I want to thank Maria LaFriniere of White Bison, Inc for all the DVDs, I am Healing the Forest pins, and Catalogs that were sent to me so that I can distribute to the people today. Anushiik! (Thank you in Munsee)

—  at The Excellence Center.

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