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Looking for Hope

Heart Mandala by Wenona “Buffy” Gardner made of markers.

Greetings fellow travelers,

On Wednesday August 8, 2012 I found out that I lost 12 pounds while on “The Writer’s Diet” by Julia Cameron. I was overjoyed to see that I have made some progress. That with the work that I have made I am seeing some results. While the Artist’s Way tools have been familiar to me for a long time, going on The Writing Diet as a whole have been new to me. Meeting with my face to face group The Sparkling Path Walkers each week I find a circle of women that share support that keeps me moving on this journey. In addition, I have the encouragement of The Artist’s Way Circle. With these two loving circles around me I feel that I am not alone on this journey. I look forward to walking this path of healing. Mon August 13 marks the beginning of week 6.

This past week I struggled with some outside challenges this week which impacted my writing. I was able to write two out of seven days in my Morning Pages. Despite the challenges I was able to reach 39,000 words in my memoirs during Camp NaNoWriMo.

Instead of going to a restaurant and taking a picture of a meal that I ate, I have been helping a friend who is in my Artist’s Way Circle to receive prayers and support for her baby granddaughter Lily Dahl who needs open heart surgery.  I helped create a group called Hope for Lily where people can come together to share kind words, prayers, and brainstorm ideas to help fundraise for the cost of the heart surgery. A Heart Mandala I made using markers the grandmother wanted to use as the artwork for the Hope for Lily group which I am truly honored. It’s basically provides food for thought. I will write an additional post today to go into more details on how to help Lily Dahl and her family.

I was able to walk two 10 minute walks. I am trying to make more choices to increase water intake. One time I reached for a bottle of water and I took a big drink when all of a sudden there were these bubbles tickling the inside of my mouth. I looked closer at the bottle and discovered I purchased was actually Sprite Zero. At least my intentions to drink more water were good.

An issue came up a couple times this past week of when I was both extremely hunger and tired at the same time. I wasn’t sure which to satisfy first. I imagined going to bed with a long submarine sandwich. At which a friend laughed and remembered when George from Seinfeld would eat a Reuben sandwich in bed when he made love. We both laughed.

Warm regards,


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