Winona McMasters – Humphrey – Native American Rainbow Warrior Artist

Just MarriedI am blessed. Brandon and I got married on International Kissing Day Sunday July 6, 2014 and my Mohican father blessed our marriage and welcomed my husband Brandon as his son and welcomed him to the Mohican family. My father gave us a wedding gift of cash. I feel truly blessed and honored!


Winona McMasters-Humphrey

Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Nation

White Earth Nation Ojibwe

This year I have selected the Starfish Foundation for guiding traumatized hearts to healing and joy as my designated charity to feature in my video for Project for Awesome! Project for Awesome is for people to come to together and make videos highlighting their favorite charities to provide more exposure and award money for charities.

I am overjoyed to have received approval on my Starfish Foundation video for Project for Awesome 2013 from the Starfish Foundation Board. To view my Starfish Foundation video view the link

Last year, Project for Awesome awarded the top 10 charities based on the submitted videos. Each charity was awarded $40,500 per charity for over of $400,000 awarded. They selected each of the top 10 charities based on the videos submitted. It’s my hope to share my video as much as I can. I also encourage everybody to like and share the video as it puts Starfish Foundation in better running for the award money this year. Sharing and liking the video also gives more exposure to the Starfish Foundation including a chance to being one of the featured videos on Dec 17 and Dec 18 which they will be broadcasting on Live Stream.

Where can I watch the Project for Awesome livestream?
It will be live at on December 17th and 18th. They will be using a Google+ Hangout, and they will welcome special guests to help host. Follow @realjohngreen and@hankgreen on Twitter for updates on the Livestream when we get closer to the date.

Let’s give this our best shot!

Wenona Morning Star Gardner

I am White Turtle Rainbow

Prophecy is the Word of the Great Creator.

I am enrolled in the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Nation and I am also Ojibwe

The Native American Elders prophecized my return to Mother Earth in the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy.

The Native American Elders foretold in prophecy a time when the Native American people from the past were going to be coming back reborn in the bodies of the colors of all four sacred races. The red, yellow, black, and white nations. We are the Rainbow Warriors.

The Rainbow Warriors are leading a new dawn of the New Earth.

I am a Rainbow Warrior.

I am an Artist.

As a Rainbow Warrior Artist I find and empower the Rainbow Warriors like myself to find and express their voice and live their hopes and dreams.

I walk the Rainbow Path.

I honor my biological Ancestors

I draw strength from the Sun as Wabun Anung – Morning Star

I serve as Meshkikiikwe – I asked Great Creator to serve as a Medicine Woman

I draw strength from the Moon as Carthanachta Gealach – Charity Moon

I rise as a Celtic Shaman

White Turtle Rainbow is the integration of the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy with Morning Star and Charity Moon.

Today I begin the White Turtle Rainbow Movement!

I have tied my Nü Iconic essence with my Social Media across the web.

White Turtle Rainbow Facebook Page

White Turtle Rainbow Tumblr

White Turtle Rainbow YouTube

White Turtle Rainbow Twitter

The White Turtle Rainbow Movement WordPress Blog

White Turtle Rainbow Google+

The Artist’s Way Circle

Milwaukee Native American Women’s Circle Facebook

Mohican-8 Circle

Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages

Honoring the Women at the UW-Milwaukee Pow Wow video that I made

Challenge to write 50,000 words in November

The White Turtle Rainbow Movement

Today begins a New Day!

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