Winona McMasters – Humphrey – Native American Rainbow Warrior Artist

My new home is Omaha, NE. I’m Mohican/Ojibwe/Scottish and a Graduate Student in the online MBA program specializing in Nonprofits at Crown College. I’m an YouTube Partner, Artist, & I love House Music. I’m looking to make friends with residents of Omaha, NE. I would love to build an Omaha Network especially with Artists, Musicians, YouTubers, and Entrepreneurs. Seeking roommates, employment, and friendships.

Omaha YouTube Partners: New Meetup Group @YouTube

Rainbow Warrior Artists: New Meetup Group. Please Share.

Saffron Scott is my AWESOME First Nations Business Mentor and she helped me get a drive direction in launching my White Turtle Rainbow artist business. I have disabilities as well and she lifts my spirit up that with Great Creator miracles can happen for me too! I can be Mohican/Ojibwe, overcome those life challenges and rise up to be an Awesome Woman Entrepreneur (AWE) just like her! I am so happy and blessed! I am spreading this video and campaign over my Hootsuite Pro network!! SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! GO SAFFRON!

Indiegogo Campaign:

30 songs in 30 days as a NaNoWriMo REBEL at SECRET Artist’s Way Circle by friend request !

Join Rainbow Warrior Artists Circle creating art with values & spiritual principles to change the world 4 the better

Vote for my goal and help me score tuition from the Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway.

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